Ministry of Health
Health Tourism Department

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Duties of our Presidency

Güncelleme Tarihi: 07/06/2017

The duties of the Department of Health Tourism established under the "Directive on Duties of the General Directorate of Health Services Department of the Ministry of Health" dated 21/06/2012 and numbered 12023 are as follows:
a. To plan the services related to health tourism and tourist health, to issue necessary permissions,
b. To carry out operations and procedures related to health tourism in coordination with related institutions and organizations,
c. To monitor the activities of hot springs, mineral spring centers and climatic cure centers (climatotherapy centers) related to senior tourism, accessible tourism and thermal tourism in terms of health tourism,
d. To determine eligibility criteria for admission of foreign patients, who travel to our country for medical treatment in terms of health tourism and to examine the patients' requests and complaints.
e. To provide help and consulting services for patients when needed and keep the records within the scope of health tourism and tourist health.  
f. To carry out operations and procedures related to health services to be provided in free health zones
g. To plan and coordinate proceduces for patients, who travel to our country for health tourism and are admitted for treatment within the scope of the bilateral cooperation in the field of health
h. To perform other duties given by the General Manager